Expect the unexpected! I was hoping to explore different textures or prints that toy car tires might make when dipped in ink or paint but instead was able to create some cool patterns while driving these mini vehicles across the page.

Activity Time: 5 minutes

Ages: 3+


Paper, liquid watercolors or paint, toy cars

*A note on materials - find something you are comfortable with! I ended up using liquid watercolors and my fingers are guaranteed to be tie-dyed for at least a week. You could water down a water based paint (like acrylic or tempra) or put on gloves if you're using something a bit more permanent. I also found that the mini cars worked a lot better as you could dip all of the tires in your tray of choice.


  • Prepare the paint or liquid watercolor that you would like to use. I used a tray and added different color liquid watercolors to each pot. Each pot happened to be big enough to dip a mini monster truck in, which was an added bonus.
  • Cover your work surface and lay out multiple pieces of paper.
  • Dip the car into the paint or watercolors and start making tracks!



I was generally suprised by the outcome of this activity. I think a good place to start with this one is asking the question - what do you think will happen?

  • The tires will always run parallel to each other, so with some focus you coul potentially make a grid - give it a try!



  • I have not tried it yet, but if you are able to dip a larger tire with visible treads in paint I believe it could create some pretty cool textures.
  • What to do with these? Cut them down to postcard size and send them out to friends and family! ...make them guess how you made it!