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MAJO IDEAS was founded by Alex Aranda and Ligaya Tichy.

Alex and Ligaya are two design-obsessed mamas who love making art with their kids. They believe that lifelong creative habits start at home and early. The two met virtually for the first time in October 2021 and began discussing the role of art in early childhood. Independently faced with raising young children during the pandemic, they found themselves scrambling for engaging activities. Art projects were pivotal in providing an opportunity to connect with their kids — to create, collaborate and be inspired. Realising there shared passion for brining the family together around art MAJO IDEAS was born.

A unique collection of sticker-based art projects

Taking inspiration from master artists such as Frida Kahlo, Kehinde Wiley, and Alexander Calder, each pack contains 4-5 activities organised around a theme. To bring each theme to life, MAJO IDEAS collaborates with a contemporary artist to create original works. Collaborators include beloved children's book illustrator Carl Johanson, multi-disciplinary artist Shawna X, and many more from around the globe. Through our packs, kids are exposed to what an art class, book or museum often provides, inspiration, context and discovery.

Grab a sibling, grab a friend. MAJO fun for the whole family.

Our activities are hands-on and appealing to all ages. Packs are chock full of jokes and fun facts, reading much like a magazine. Activities are varied, including: posters, postcards, origami, masks, cyanotype printing, games, DIY books — even a kite! Each project is structured enough to produce wall-worthy works of art, while also allowing space for a child’s own vision.