MAJO's 2023 Gift Guide

MAJO's 2023 Gift Guide

From scooters to fort making, drawing to puzzles, here are our favorite kid picks for this holiday!

Always invest in good tools for your littles. It makes a world of difference and we think you would be suprised at how long these last. Colored pencils aren't disposed of within a week, not even a month. We still have some Prismacolors from high school. 

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils from Blick are a staple, while Le Maxi Drawing Block from St. Louis Art Supply is another fantastic option. Do you remember when you got your first camera? Kodak disposables are always fun but for instant gratification, grab the Fujifilm Instax Mini.

There are also materials that are just fun to have around and don't break the bank. Head on over to Fair Play Projects and stock up on selects like Twisteez Soft Sculpting Wire, and Light Paper Clay.

While you're shopping Fair Play Projects, pick up a few of our favorite stocking stuffers like Balloon Car and Cat's Cradle.

There's nothing better than a gift that brings people together. Games, puzzles, and of course the daily planning that goes into family life. Anything from Art of Play is fantastic, but if we had to pick, Chicken! is a go-to. Pick-up Sticks is a quintessential and easy-to-play game.
Did someone say STEM? If you haven't checked out Hexbug Nano Zone, you should. The only type of bug welcome in our will delight in building playgrounds and obstacle courses for their newly found micro creatures.
Our favorite puzzle company is Le Puzz, and truly, you can't go wrong with any of their options. Last but not least, this beautiful calendar from Risotto Studio available at Little Otsu has us swooning. 

These need not be wrapped but if you're looking to freshin' up your kids wardrobe head over to Weekend House Kids or Milk Teeth.

Can I Build Another Me? is written and illustrated by the incredibly talented Yoshitake Shinsuke
Subscriptions? Look no further than Illustoria - the wonderful storytelling and art magazine that the whole family will enjoy.

If you've got a little extra pocket change to spare, the Banwood Scooter is a pretty and durable way to move around. The Casio Portable Keyboard is something kids can play at any age and grow into; bonus points for being compact. And who doesn't love fort making? The Superspace Felt Tiles offer endless variations of structure building.