Color Mixing Tops

Spinning tops, spinning colors, spinning wheels. Trying out the DIY spinning top and incorporating basic color mixing principals with dizzying results. We added a bonus track to this month's play list with this activity in sure to check it out.

Vocabulary: Primary & secondary colors

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Ages: 3+



  • Cardstock or chipboard*
  • A circular object to trace (approximately 3" in diameter)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Skewer (cut-down) or toothpick
  • Paint, markers, and/or crayons in primary colors (red, yellow, blue)

*You can use the back of a cereal box if you're in a pinch. White is an easier background for markers & crayons but kraft can also work!



  • Cut out some circles of the material you plan to use for your tops
  • Divide the circles into quarters 
  • Paint or color opposite pie-pieces the same color 
  • Try the 3 secondary color combos (red + yellow, red + blue, yellow + blue)
  • ADULT SUPERVISION ENCOURAGED: Locate the center of the circle and puncture with the toothpick or skewer. 
  • Slide the circle aprox 3/4" up and start spinning!


While paint provided the most saturated color, it did warp the paper we were using so made spinning more difficult. We also had the most success blending the red/yellow to make orange. Purple and green also worked but varies with spin skillz.